Did You Know: About Cultural Differences in Appliances?

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If you have traveled to Europe or South America, you may have noticed that when you order water or soft drinks at a restaurant, the liquid comes at room temperature and without ice. Many folks around the world find iced drinks an unnecessary nuisance – with those cold cubes nipping at warm lips. Because Europeans don’t use much ice, German, Italian, and other external appliance manufacturers don’t offer icemakers in their refrigerators, be they Liebherr, Míele, Bosch, or Gaggenau. Although for the US market, they provide conversion kits with an ice maker as an upgrade.


In the same vein, European dishwashers come without a heated dry cycle. Since many of us run the dishwasher at night, or after breakfast and the dash off to work, the dishes will dry on their own. Some European brands now pop the door open slightly to allow circulation is helping dishes to air dry.

My source: Mountain High Appliances