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Knoxville News Sentinal

October 12, 2007 Friday



Follow these five tips from remodeling expert Fernando Pages Ruiz - author of "Affordable Remodel" - and shave thousands off your bottom line:

Add by subtraction: The most economical end of a pencil is the eraser. Instead of enlarging by addition, consider ways of creating space by subtraction, such as removing nonbearing walls to combine small rooms into larger loft-like areas or reducing the size of the attic to raise ceiling heights throughout the house.

Resist the urge to overimprove: Once you've lived in a house for a while, you develop a dream of what it could become, but that dream might price your home above the other properties in the neighborhood. Instead of dressing up the place, make changes on the inside that will improve your everyday life.

Stay within the envelope: Remodeling within the envelope of your existing home will cost less than constructing an addition. The savings can be spent on higher-quality materials, finishes and workmanship.

Use ordinary materials in unexpected ways: To save money, think of ways to add punch without emptying your wallet. Want a stainless steel range hood? Just add stainless steel sheet metal over a cheaper range hood. Don't replace floors; try refinishing. Skip the granite and pour your own concrete countertops.

Exterior primping: Sprucing up the exterior does not always mean re-siding or painting. Pay attention to the front door. The front door makes your home's first impression on visitors and gives them a visual and tactile experience. Keep the door freshly painted in a diverting color, and splurge on a high-quality handle.

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