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Affordable Remodeling: Chicago Tribune
Affordable Remodel was listed in the 5 Good Reads by the Chicago Tribune.

October 11, 2007 Thursday
Chicago Edition


Tribune wire services

1. Real Simple Cleaning

By Kathleen Squires Real Simple Books, $21.95

The editors of "Real Simple Cleaning" leave us no excuse not to stay spring clean during any season of the year. Did you know ketchup can shine faucets?

Writer Kathleen Squires and photographer Monica Buck do, and they've produced a crisply organized text following the pristine design of parent Real Simple magazine.

One person's spick-and-span is another's squalor, Kristin van Ogtrop, Real Simple's managing editor, says in the introduction. "Whether you want to cover just the basics (floors, windows) or spend hours on every nook (inside the oven, anyone?), this book has a cleaning strategy for you."

2. Affordable Remodel

By Fernando Pages Ruiz Taunton Press, $21.95

Fernando Pages Ruiz believes high style shouldn't be limited to those with high incomes. His book helps homeowners add upgrades without breaking their budgets.

Ruiz, a builder and remodeler for more than 30 years, targets his book toward do-it-yourselfers with more desire than dollars. He offers guidance on such topics as budgeting, space planning, construction basics and making affordable choices, and he provides ideas for high-end-looking improvements that can be made on the cheap -- well, relatively so.

3. Modern Cabin

By Michelle Kodis Gibbs Smiti, $39.95

"Rustic" and "cabin" don't always have to go together. To Michelle Kodis' way of thinking, a cabin is a place for getting away from everyday life, and that place can be traditional and charming or cutting-edge contemporary.

Kodis focuses on cabins in a range of sizes and architectural styles in "Modern Cabin." All are outfitted for today's living needs, but the similarity stops there. Among the cabins Kodis lets her readers visit are a reconstructed 19th-century barn, a house that's largely glass, an affordable yet stylish retreat and an environmentally sensitive, prefabricated cottage.

4. Home Emergency Pocket Guide

By Julie Henry, Jeff Rubin Informed Publishing, $16.95

Emergency scenarios dealt with in this handy guide range from war to terrible weather, from putting together a home first-aid kit, to coping with childbirth, to what to do during a hurricane. There's also a wide variety of other contingencies, making up a very complete manual of advice that could indeed easily be carried around in your pocket.

5. Remodeling on the Money

By Alan J. Heavens Kaplan Publishing, $19.95

The premise: "Add value and comfort" to your home with 15 improvement projects that will give you the best return on your investment. The author is the real estate and home improvement writer for "The Philadelphia Inquirer."

What's inside: 15 chapters that range from "Flush With Success" (bathroom renovations) to "Get Comfortable, Save Money" (energy efficiency) to "Ideas That Will Really Floor You" (you guessed it: flooring options).

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